Aboriginal Buzz was created with a spirit of inclusivity. All events promoted with be welcoming to all nations. This is the reason our slogan is "Connecting all nations through Aboriginal arts and culture." It's important that we share our Aboriginal culture with those around us.

about denise

Hey, I'm Denise Halfyard. I'm from beautiful Terrace, BC. I'm Wet'suwet'en- People of the Wa Dzun Kwuh River (or Bulkley River), Tsimshian- Inside the Skeena River and Gitxsan- People of the River of Mist. I'm from the small frog clan, Laksilyu. I come from a long line of fishermen, growing up on the Skeena River, watching my Dad and Grandpa work long hard hours to provide for their families.

It was partially based on this that I chose the canoe for my logo. To me it signifies a vessel to carry fish. To me it also signifies carrying knowledge, or a message. I imagine my ancestors not only traveled by foot to deliver important information. And that's what I want to do for you, deliver important information about arts and cultural events going on around you!

how it started...

Denise Halfyard

Some time ago I went to my first National Aboriginal Day celebration at Trout Lake in Vancouver. I was amazed at how many people gathered to celebrate this special day, and not just Aboriginal people. I wondered why I had never been to one of these when I had been living in the lower mainland for over 1o years at that time. I was talking to my husband, saying there should be a site devoted to Aboriginal events going on in Vancouver and the surrounding area. He said, "You should do it!" And so, Aboriginal Buzz was born!

In addition to Aboriginal Buzz, I've owned my own floral design business, Halfyard Designs, since 2007. In 2011, Halfyard Designs was nominated for a BC Aboriginal Business award and won the Outstanding Business Achievement Award for a 1-2 person enterprise. Halfyard Designs is now the official floral provider for the BC Indigenous Business Awards.

I'm a partner in Halfyard Productions Inc, a company providing voice over and audio production. Through over 6 years of working for an aboriginal radio station I was able to voice a lot of ads and  improve my voice over skills. I've voiced promos for APTN, various global e-learning projects and recently became the female voice of the BC Indigenous Business Awards.

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Connecting all nations through aboriginal art and culture